Metal Invader – DARK FUNERAL

21 01 2010

Dark Funeral

With a distant gap of 4 years since their latest release, DARK FUNERAL decided to unleash another album just before the new year comes..Before half a month, they’ve released 2 new songs on their official MySpace page and they started to gain a lot of attention. A video clip for the song ‘My Funeral’ was also made..But last week the whole album was officially launched and the day of Armageddon came once again at the local disk stores!!!

With Regain Records on their back, keeping their promotion and merchandise in an excellent state, DARK FUNERAL came with something new this time..Forget the melodies of “Attera Totus Sanctus” in “Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” the three marks that conquer now are lightning fast drums, soul reaping voice and some very catchy bass & guitar riffs that make you gain the feeling of the album very quickly and have your ears pierced..I was very impressed that they finally did something that goes in the past and not in their latest mediocre stuff!!!And once again their new drummer got my attention.. Dominator (Nils Fjellström) the newest addition in the bands lineup is definitely a very talented personality as he manages to deliver a hell storm of blast beats and crushing, making this album pace to reach over 300bpms!!!!!And the atmosphere itself is very astonishing and gives you a rotting and misanthropic filling every time you hear it..The production once again is top notch and everything was adjusted professionally so you can enjoy every single note of this masterpiece!!!

Summing up, we have a very strong return for a talented band in Sweden’s scene and a definitely highlight of the year..If only they could be a little more differential in their style of playing than the usual repetition in the songs, digging a little deeper in their roots, then the Dark Age would come again like 13 years ago since their first debut!!!




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